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"Eliminating Barriers Creating New Norms" 

MISSION STATEMENT: The Normal Anomaly Initiative centers Black, queer plus persons to overcome barriers, end stigma, and problematic narratives to actualize a new normal. 

VISION STATEMENT: To see the forward mobility of Black Queer Plus Communities.


  • Bold: We take a stance and we mean it.

  • Inclusion: Nothing for us, without us.

  • Passion: People first.

  • Innovation: Unapologetically thinking outside the box.

  • Excellence: In everything we do.

  • Commitment: To our community, mission, and vision.



The Normal Anomaly was created for storytellers changing the narrative of the Black, queer community especially at the intersection of health and racial disparities in June 2016. Having written and video work featured in places such as Prime Video, Huffington Post, TheGrio, United States Conference on HIV and AIDS (USCHA), Snapchat, and many others, has been a testament to the work that this organization has done.

Over the last year, The Normal Anomaly Initiative has done work with faith-based organizations to increase cultural humility with people who identify as LGBQIA+, Transgender, Gender non-conforming, Non-binary, and/or living with HIV. We have also implemented the Transgender Allyship Collective. Both of these programs will be sustained over the next year as the organization expands. The Normal Anomaly Initiative-- through the Transgender Allyship Collective-- has been awarded the Community Comrade Award from the African American State of Emergency Task Force in December 2020. 

The Normal Anomaly Initiative has spent much of its time building infrastructure through participating in Emory University's POWER Institutes of Grant Writing, Organizational Infrastructure and Leadership Development along with the University of Houston's SUSTAIN Cohorts of Healing Justice and Harm Reduction to assure that we are creating sustainable programming for the continued needs of our community. 


Since then, it has gone on to become a Houston staple in the spaces of advocacy, community engagement, and outreach. Led and founded by local activist, Ian L. Haddock, The Normal Anomaly Initiative is primed to be an essential part of the fabric of equality at the intersections of Black and Queer. With a team of volunteers, consultants, and staff that believes in the vision and mission of the organization, the story continues to be told.