Black Queer AF Media Tour to Ignite the South with Culture, Community, and Awareness

Groundbreaking Tour by The Normal Anomaly Initiative Brings Discussions, Podcasts, Live Music, and Exclusive Content to Black, Queer Communities in Seven Southern Cities


Houston, TX– The Normal Anomaly Initiative, one of the nation’s premier advocacy organizations for empowering Black LGBTQIA+ individuals and a leading voice in the fight for LGBTQIA+ rights, proudly announces the launch of a media tour unlike any other. The Black Queer AF (BQAF) Media Tour will travel to seven cities, bringing a unique blend of culture and awareness through discussions, podcasts, live music, and exclusive content focused on uplifting Black, queer culture.


The tour will focus on cities in the South most impacted by HIV/AIDS and stigma, spreading vital awareness and education. This ambitious endeavor is made possible by generous sponsorship and partnerships with organizations such as HPTN 096 BETA Study, ViiV Healthcare, Gilead Sciences, and the Southern AIDS Coalition. 


“The South is the hardest hit by HIV, and with Black, queer individuals being disproportionately impacted by the virus plus the myriad disparities that intersect it, the places that we are traveling to are essential to building a community across the South. Further, the South is where some of the greatest cultural innovations within our communities come from. Bringing art across the South while uplifting our cultural curators is necessary to create a brave space of joy while engaging in narrative-shifting conversations,” says Ian L. Haddock, Executive Director of The Normal Anomaly. 


A highlight of the tour will be unveiling the new podcast, Relentless AF, produced by The Normal Anomaly and hosted by Marvin Anderson. This podcast aims to spotlight voices from the frontlines of Black, queer excellence, and acceleration.


Marvin Anderson, host of Relentless AF, shared his excitement: “The Normal Anomaly has proven to be a cutting-edge organization that’s leading the charge to bring positive visibility and excellence to pivot and elevate the narratives of Black Queer communities. I am elated to bring over 20 years of combined media experience as a Radio Host, DJ, Anchor, and Multi-Faceted media curator to this pioneering power team!”


This one-of-a-kind media tour merges entertainment, community, culture, and education, directly serving those most affected. The final stop of the tour will be at next year’s Black Queer Advancement Festival (BQAF) in The Normal Anomaly’s home city of Houston in 2025. The cities on the tour include Atlanta in August 2024, New Orleans in September 2024, Montgomery in October 2024, Dallas in November 2024, Memphis in February 2025, Ft. Lauderdale in March 2025, and Houston in May 2025. These locations are significant as they align with the efforts of the Saving Ourselves Symposium, where the tour will officially launch, and the US Conference on HIV AIDS. 


Marco Mays, representing Montgomery Pride United, emphasized the importance of the tour: “A need exists to cultivate a better and meaningful Black LGBTQ+ community in the Deep South. That multifaceted challenge can only be met by establishing a sense of community among the Black LGBTQ+ individuals in the Montgomery River Region. Any attempt to showcase the inclusiveness of our marginalized group would be a tremendous help to dismantle existing silos that perpetuate stigma. The BQAF Media Tour concept is desperately needed in our city.”


Joining this tour is the host of the Dear Black Gay Men podcast. Jai The Gentleman of the Dear Black Gay Men podcast, expressed his enthusiasm: “We started Dear Black Gay Men podcast to remind queer people how dope it is to be us and love us. The Normal Anomaly Initiative is the perfect partner to take that charge across the country. We’re so excited to have conversations for us and by us all across the South. Hopefully, in the process, we’ll see each other a little clearer, understand each other a little deeper, and turn up a little higher together.”


The BQAF Media Tour will feature live tapings of podcasts, audience discussions, live music, and focused dialogues on the lives of Black, Queer experiences. The tour will also include previews for the upcoming documentary They’re Not Coming to Save Us.


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