Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

a. In response to the tragic abrupt deaths of community members in the Houston LGBTQIA+ community in such quick succession of each other in October 2020, this fund was envisioned to support Houstonians who cannot fund burial, memorial, or funeral services in their passing.

a. The Normal Anomaly Initiative in collaboration with community and other organizations hosts this fund with the help of donors and other support.

a. Someone with a direct connection to the community member that passed away (parent, friend, partner, family member, etc.) that can ensure that the funds will be utilized in the costs of the death.

a. These funds are meant to be distributed to folks who pass away that meet these criteria:
i. Live in Houston, TX or Harris County or surrounding counties for at least 30 days.
ii. Identify as lesbian, gay, same gender loving, bisexual, transgender, queer, genderqueer, non-binary, intersex, pansexual, gender-nonconforming, asexual, and/or Two Spirit.
iii. Demonstrates financial need.
iv. We wish to uplift the most marginalized and forgotten in our community who often do not receive the proper memorializations that they deserve in their passing.

a. Please fill out the form attached, and you will receive a call within 48-72 hours after submission.

a. We have tiered funding options to accommodate for multiple needs:
i. $250 – Supporting with small services (ex: catering, flowers, etc.)
ii. $500 – Supporting with memorial services (venue, casket, etc.)
iii. $1000 – Supporting with cremation, burial, or funeral services

a. After approval, dispersal of funds takes 3-5 business days by check.

a. Each death can qualify for assistance based upon separate approvals while funds are available.

Emergency Funding for Deceased Houston Community MembersForm