Liberator Spotlight: Ash Carter Shines Light on Southern Creatives 

In a world where artist’s careers have become dictated by follower counts, social media trends and algorithms rooted in systemic biases, Ash Carter stands as a shining light for Queer Southern artists, activists, and visionaries looking to share their work. As the Founder and Creative Director of Hello Cold World Mag, Ash has embarked on a mission to amplify the voices of the often-overlooked Queer community across the South. Through their journey with Project Liberate, Ash has not only found support for their endeavors but has also become a source of inspiration for others seeking to make a difference in their communities.

Ash’s vision for Hello Cold World Mag was born out of a desire to fill a void in regional publications, particularly those that celebrate the vibrant cultural tapestry of the South. Recognizing the richness of Southern culture and the immense talent within the queer community, Ash set out to create a platform that would showcase the creativity and resilience of their peers.

“What really struck me was that there was no publication regionally for the South that highlighted those creative efforts. You know, a lot of people tend to think the South is culturally bullied, but we are actually probably the most preeminent start of all things culture, and all things queer as well. So, it’s definitely time for us to highlight that,” said Ash on their motivations behind this magazine. 

The path to realizing this vision was not without its doubts and challenges. Like many entrepreneurs, Ash grappled with questions of audience reach and sustainability. However, through perseverance and a growing network of support in their Project Liberate cohort, those doubts were transformed into unwavering determination.

Project Liberate emerged as a pivotal opportunity for Ash to further their mission and connect with like-minded individuals dedicated to community upliftment. Inspired by the program’s founder, Ian L. Haddock’s own journey, and the camaraderie among fellow Liberators, Ash found a renewed sense of purpose and a wealth of knowledge to fuel their entrepreneurial journey.

Looking ahead, Ash envisions a future where the influence of Hello Cold World Mag transcends geographical boundaries, resonating with marginalized communities far and wide. As they prepare to graduate from Project Liberate, Ash is poised to leverage the skills and knowledge gained to propel their business endeavors to new heights. From National Black Authors Day celebrations to ongoing community engagement initiatives, Ash remains steadfast in their mission to cultivate a space where all can find their family through art.

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