Liberator Spotlight: Brandon Mack Creates Equitable Change in Education


Brandon Mack, a Texas-native, served for over 13 years in academia and admissions before

founding B.Mack Strategies LLC, a dynamic consulting company committed to driving positive change in education, diversity, equity, and inclusion. His passion for education, coupled with a desire to address systemic inequalities, led to apply to Project Liberate to help make his dreams of doing things differently a reality.


Reflecting on his career transition, Brandon discussed the pivotal role of the pandemic in reshaping his approach to work. Remote opportunities highlighted the potential for broader access to college admissions services, inspiring Brandon to leverage technology for greater impact. Dissatisfied with the status quo, Brandon made the bold decision to embark on his entrepreneurial journey, driven by a commitment to serving historically marginalized communities.


Brandon’s involvement in Project Liberate proved transformative, offering invaluable support and camaraderie. The program’s emphasis on community-driven entrepreneurship resonated deeply with Brandon, providing both practical guidance and emotional encouragement during challenging times. Through collaborative efforts and shared experiences, Brandon found inspiration and solidarity among fellow entrepreneurs. He believes this opportunity is crucial for Black, Queer entrepreneurs because, unfortunately, they are not afforded the same opportunities from pitch competitions and startup incubators.


From financial management to effective pitching, Brandon highlighted the practical skills gained through Project Liberate. The program’s focus on distinguishing between projects and organizations empowered Brandon to clarify his business vision and goals. Additionally, collaborative initiatives like the collective capstone project underscored the power of community and collective action. 


“I sometimes feel the LGBTQ+ community gets a bad rap, even amongst each other, of not always being fully supportive. Project Liberate was an example of what we could do as a community. If we truly are supportive of each other and truly are there for each other, we not only get built up individually, we also get built up collectively,” he said.


Looking ahead, Brandon aims to win his first major pitch competition and establish a nonprofit arm of B.Mack Strategies LLC within the next year. By expanding his impact and supporting underrepresented students, Brandon seeks to foster inclusivity and opportunity in education.