Liberator Spotlight: Kimberly Tezeno’s Courage to Create

Meet Kimberly Tezeno, soon to be graduate of Project Liberate and the creative mind behind Become N’twine, a business that specializes in customized creations ranging from tumblers to shirts and beyond. Kimberly’s journey into entrepreneurship was born from a personal moment of loss and inspiration, leading her to channel her creativity into tangible expressions of love and art.

For Kimberly, the journey began eight years ago, following the loss of her mother in July 2016. Struck by the absence of photographic memories, Kimberly took it upon herself to create personalized plaques for her siblings. The overwhelming positive response ignited a spark within her. With a background in event planning and photography, Kimberly’s transition into entrepreneurship was a natural progression fueled by her passion for crafting and customization.

Despite her creative prowess, Kimberly faced her share of challenges, particularly the fear of seeing her work displayed publicly. However, through Project Liberate, Kimberly has been confronting and overcoming these fears, gaining confidence in sharing her creations with the world.

From her initial interactions with the team at Normal Anomaly, Kimberly felt welcomed and embraced by a community of like-minded individuals. She believes this program is so important for the Black community because it is a judgment-free zone that allows for growth. Through the program, she has honed her public speaking skills and gained invaluable insights into marketing and networking. 

Looking ahead, Kimberly envisions leveraging her newfound confidence and skills to expand her business, with a focus on growth and marketing. She aspires to collaborate with companies to offer customized logos and party favors, showcasing the breadth of her creative talent.

For aspiring entrepreneurs, Kimberly offers words of encouragement: embrace the journey, network with fellow entrepreneurs, and fearlessly pursue your passion. Through Project Liberate, Kimberly has discovered the power of community and support in propelling her business forward.

Follow Kimberly’s creative journey on Instagram for a glimpse into her personalized creations and the stories behind them.