The Normal Anomaly Initiative Welcomes Rochelle “Shelley” Washington As Senior Program Manager 


Houston, TX — The Normal Anomaly Initiative, Inc., one of the nation’s premiere advocacy organizations for centering Black, queer+ voices, proudly announces the appointment of Rochelle “Shelley” Washington as Senior Program Manager. As a Texas-native and respected voice in the community, Shelley brings over two decades of experience in education and a deep commitment to Black, queer empowerment.


Shelley joins the team after her participation in The Normal Anomaly’s 2024 Project Liberate program, a six-month intensive program designed to empower activists, nonprofit leaders, entrepreneurs, and small business owners to turn their ideas into action. During this time, Shelley went on to found Be Owt Ministries, a nonprofit dedicated to promoting financial literacy and resource allocation in underserved communities. As an avid faith leader, Shelley’s passion for empowering individuals to experience the Divine in their lives extends beyond her professional pursuits. She is known for her dedication to educating, equipping, and encouraging others.


“I am excited to bring an expression of Black queer women and provide my skills, knowledge, and outlook in moving The Normal Anomaly Initiative forward in breaking barriers and creating new norms for our communities,” said Shelley Washington, Senior Program Manager. 


This appointment reflects Normal Anomaly’s continued growth and commitment to breaking down barriers in 2024, a crucial election year where the rights of many are on the ballot. Earlier this year, the organization made history with the grand opening of Houston’s only standalone space for Black LGBTQ+ individuals in the Historic Third Ward. Additionally, the 2024 Black Queer Advancement Festival was a resounding success, further solidifying Normal Anomaly’s impact on the local and national level.


“This is what creating an ecosystem in our community looks like. Shelley was one of many experienced and distinguished candidates. Her work experience and programmatic achievements she completed in Project Liberate made her a stellar candidate for this role. We are so grateful for her diligence, attention to detail, and commitment to this work,” says Ian L. Haddock, Executive Director. 


Looking ahead, Normal Anomaly is focused on expanding its reach to more communities nationally and exploring new mediums to amplify its message of empowerment and inclusion. With Shelley Washington as Senior Program Manager, the organization is poised to achieve even greater heights in its mission to create a new normal for Black, queer+ persons.