Ian L. Haddock is the Executive Director of The Normal Anomaly Initiative, Inc. With a wealth of knowledge in the public health field and community activist work, he uses a healing justice and harm reduction lens to tackle the multiplicity of traumas that are felt at the intersections of Black and Queer. As an esteemed writer, national activist, and community builder, he finds resolve in liberation for all people. 

Joelle Bayaa-Uzuri Espeut is new to social advocacy and the South but brings with her a rich background of fashion & arts, entrepreneurship (owning her own T-shirt company, Ten90Two, LLC), freelance writing, and a unique lived experience that gives her a different perspective as a black woman of trans experience. 

Joelle began working with the Houston-based non-profit organization, The Mahogany Project, Inc in November 2018 and helped to extend their message and community advocacy by helping to create content for our various social media platforms.  In February 2021, Joelle joined The Normal Anomaly Initiative, Inc. as a program coordinator. 


Jordan J. Edwards is a Black sexually fluid man who is born and raised in Houston TX. He started a career in the HIV/sexual health field so he could use his life story, passion, and caring heart to help somebody else see good in themselves. So many people lose love and care within the field of HIV; his goal is to provide what he can so that each person he reaches can feel they have at least one person on their side.  He never felt like he fit in anywhere throughout his life. Personally feeling like he didn't know his self-worth, but through this work, he has not only found his place, but he has found that there was value in everything he has gone and will go through. In February 2021, Jordan joined The Normal Anomaly Initiative, Inc. as a program coordinator.