Ian L. Haddock is an activist based in Houston, Texas. He is the founder and leader of The Normal Anomaly Initiative where they have Executive Produced the Outcry Docuseries that can be viewed on Amazon Prime Video streaming service. He also serves as the President of Impulse Group Houston; one of 25 chapters, in 12 countries, on five continents. Haddock has published two fictional books, Practice Boy and Dope Boy. He has written for Logo Network, TheBody, Positively Aware, Huffington Post, Spectrum South, Outsmart Magazine, Color Bloq and is currently the LGBTQIA+ Editor at Reel Urban Magazine. Most currently, Ian serves as the Houston metropolitan area Ambassador for the Center for Disease Control’s Let’s Stop HIV Together campaign. Haddock has been honored with Trailblazer of the Year from the African American State of Emergency Task Force and received the Dr. Mark A. Colomb Emerging Leader Award from the National African American Conference on AIDS.


Titan Capri serves as a Program Manager for The Normal Anomaly Initiative. He is also an Author, Entertainer, Father, Photographer, and a Leading Radio Personality on his show called #T2P.  After being diagnosed with AIDS 14 years ago, he decided to take some time to work on being HIV positive and healthy! In March of 2019, he made a bold and intentional move to come out about his HIV+ status! This truth came with a great sense of freedom. He is gracefully aging with HIV while being a Black, Gay male living and thriving in the city of Houston

Kimberly Thomas serves as a Program Manager for The Normal Anomaly Initiative. She is also a She-E-O herself.  Her favorite passion is bringing the world of fashion straight to the Houston Metropolitan Area where she works closely with her clients to carefully craft the right look for their lifestyle. She strives to show transparency and vulnerability while maintaining a strong business acumen in all she does. She helps to develop the creative direction of The Normal Anomaly Initiative and keeps its innovation to a high standard. 

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